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Cable Sizing Calculations

Easily and instantly select the minimum safe cable size in full compliance with Standards.

Auto size - active & earth

Automatic active cable sizing.
Manual selection to check compliance. Calculate minimum earth size.

Accurate voltage drop

DC, 1-phase, 2-phase and 3-phase.
Uses resistance, reactance, conductor temperature, power factor.

Short-circuit calculations

Calculates the short-circuit currents from fault level.

Fault Loop Impedance

Protective devices. Calculate fault loop in accordance with the Wiring Rules.

Maximum Demand Calculations

Enter your equipment loads for the installation then automatically calculates the maximum demand based on diversity factors.

Single Domestic

Load types that are connected to consumer mains or sub mains in a single domestic installation.

Blocks of Living Units

Adds load groups associated with individual living units.

Industrial Installations

Maximum demand load groups for non-domestic electrical installations.

Custom Diversity Factors

For your custom loads where the standard diversity may not apply.

Advanced Reporting

Beautiful, comprehensive and easy to understand reports.

Detailed PDF Reports

The reports include the input data, detailed results and show compliance.

References to Standards

Table and Column numbers from the Standards are added for reference.

Include Your Logo

Add your own company branding and custom details into the reports.

Cable Scheduling to Excel

Exports all your cables as a schedule directly into an Excel spreadsheet.

Cable Pro Sample Reports

Pricing Options to Suit Everyone

Cable Pro PC is available in a choice of price points, depending on your needs. We also offer a premium bundle that includes an additional license for our Cable Pulling software.


1 Year of Updates & Support Included

Accurate cable size and max demand calculations.

  • Cable Calculations
  • Max Demand Calculations
  • Detailed Reports


1 Year of Updates & Support Included

Cable size and max demand calculations with multi-calculations and project files.

  • Cable Calculations
  • Max Demand Calculations
  • Multi-calculations with Project Files
  • Advanced Reporting Features
  • Automatic Conduit Sizing

Premium Bundle

1 Year of Updates & Support Included

Cable Pro Multi edition with additional Cable Pulling Software.

  • All features from the Multi package.


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With a choice of packages, or a free trial, and instant downloads, you could be minutes away from fast, accurate calculations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the software includes a d.c. supply setting for calculations and for up to 1000 V d.c.

Up to 1 kV or 1.5 kV for solar (d.c.). For higher voltages use our Cable HV Software.

Yes with the latest Australian/New Zealand Standards and their amendments.

The standards change occasionally, usually every few years. When the standards do change we will update the software within 6 months, which is the expected time for everyone to comply. The software itself will notify you during its use or you will be contacted via email of a new version being available for download.

Via instant download. Link to download, activation code and invoice emailed immediately (24/7) after purchase.

Each licence may be activated on up to two (2) computers. A simple online 24/7 activation process is used. The software licence is easily deactivated by the user and moved between PC’s.

You can easily deactivate the licence activation under the Help menu yourself and move to another PC.

After the first year there is an annual fee to continue to receive updates and support (which includes unlimited licence transfers/deactivations). We regularly update our software, not just for new Standards, but to add new features and improvements.

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Our software is designed to be simple and intuitive, but if you need a helping hand, we have a support team and range of online resources to help get you get up to speed quickly.

First Class Support

Our expert team is on-hand to assist you with any questions you have or assistance you need with our software range.

Top Notch Documentation

Dive into our online software manual to learn everything you need, or check out our easy to follow tutorials.

Cable Pro PC: Software Manual | Tutorials

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If you want to broaden your knowledge, we have a range of videos and in-depth articles on a wide range of topics.

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Get Started with Cable Pro PC

With a choice of packages, or a free trial, and instant downloads, you could be minutes away from fast, accurate calculations.

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