Offering ease and flexibility using the latest technologies

Our software licencing options are very flexible. We offer the latest technologies in both software, hardware (dongle) and web-based protection systems which allow multiple device usage and easy transfers.

Our easy licencing systems and excellent technical support service ensures you have access to your licences at all times.

Our Software Licence Agreements which ship with our software products explain our licencing in detail, but below is a summary of some of it.

Please also refer to our Terms of Use policy.

Software-protected licencing

Our software-protected apps are simply downloaded and use a licence code and and password to become activated on a particular device. These software apps are locally installed and activated over the internet anytime. We can add and link as many devices to your licence code as you need.  Some of our software products allow 2 devices to be activated per licence while others only 1 device per licence. These software-protected licences can be deactivated from a particular device and moved and re-activated on a different device. You can easily do this yourself.

Our software protected apps are SafeGrid EarthingCable HVCable Pro (PC)Cable Pulling and LineRate.


Web app licencing

Our web app licencing is slightly different although there’s less for you to manage. You simply use your username and password to log in to your account. Only you, the registered user may log into your account at any time or you may be logging into your companies account if you have one. We ask that you play fair and don’t misuse any of our services per the Terms of Use policy.

Our web apps are Cable Pro Web.

If you have any questions or need any support with licencing please contact us by phone or email to speak with our support team.


The following clients are using Electrotechnik software products.