Substations Design

Primary, Secondary, Protection & SCADA, Design and testing

ELEK has proven experience and expertise in HV (both distribution and transmission level) substations ranging from 11 up to 500 kV. Services range from conceptual and detailed both primary and secondary design, civil-structural as well as protection and SCADA settings and onsite testing and commissioning.

Range of Expertise

We are experienced with power transformers, CB’s, CT’s, VT’s, DS’s, SA’s, LT’s, GIS up to 330 kV, HV cables, control rooms and switchboards for power and protection.

Significant Experience

Our engineers have performed design, construction, testing and commissioning on numerous challenging and high-profile greenfield and brownfield AIS and GIS substation projects.

Primary and Secondary Systems

We can offer a complete substation service with both primary (including civil-structural) and secondary systems design capability.

Protection and SCADA

We can produce protection and SCADA systems designs as well as implement settings at site.


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