Earthing Design and Testing

Design calcs and drawings, Onsite audits and investigations, Current injection testing

ELEK provides a full range of earthing services including design, onsite verification and safety compliance audits, testing and commissioning for the power utility (transmission and distribution), power generation including renewables, manufacturing, water and gas pipelines, mining and rail sectors.

Safe and Economical Designs

We can produce safe and economical earthing designs and provide a current injection testing service for onsite verification.

Onsite Testing

We can perform onsite current injection testing (i.e. measure actual touch and step voltages) and perform soil electrical resistivity measurements.

SafeGrid Earthing Software

ELEK has developed finite element-based earthing software named SafeGrid.

Earthing Experts

Our team of specialist engineers and technicians are regarded as earthing experts having vast technical expertise and practical experience.


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