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Electrical Services by Electrotechnik Pty Ltd

We provide a range of expert electrical engineering services and consulting solutions.

Earthing Design and Testing

ELEK provides a full range of earthing services including design, onsite verification and safety compliance audits, testing and commissioning for the power utility (transmission and distribution), power generation including renewables, manufacturing, water and gas pipelines, mining and rail sectors.

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Substations Design

ELEK has proven experience and expertise in HV (both distribution and transmission level) substations ranging from 11 up to 500 kV. Services range from conceptual and detailed both primary and secondary design, civil-structural as well as protection and SCADA settings and onsite testing and commissioning.

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Cable Systems Design

ELEK provides a full range of power cable design services including specifications, thermal steady-state and transient rating calculations, complete systems design including for complex cross-bonding arrangements, onsite inspections and investigations, testing and commissioning.

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Power System Studies

ELEK has the capability to perform a complete range of power systems studies including for steady-state and transient power flow, short-circuit levels, protection schemes and grading requirements, cable and overhead line performance, arc flash requirements, earthing and lightning protection systems including insulation coordination.

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Lightning Protection Systems

ELEK provides design services for lightning protection systems for ensuring safety, optimal performance and compliance with standards. We can undertake detailed risk assessments to establish project specific design criteria and detailed calculations involving the rolling sphere method to optimise lightning protection arrangements.

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