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Low Voltage Design

Understanding Earth Fault Loop Impedance

Develop a better understanding for performing the electrical design calculations.

PDF (397 kb)
Economic and Energy Efficient Cable Sizing

Economic cable sizing equations and examples are provided in this paper.

PDF (268 kb)

High Voltage Cable Design

Derating for Cable Crossings

Derating of buried cables which cross with heat sources and other cables.

PDF (328 kb)
High Voltage Power Cable Ratings

Review of factors affecting power cable ratings using Cable High Voltage Software.

PDF (857 kb)
Magnetic Fields from High Voltage Power Cables

Magnetic field calculations and the factors affecting magnetic fields. The recommended safe limits are presented.

PDF (452 kb)
Emergency and Cyclic Ratings of HV Power Cables

The transient emergency and cyclic ratings of cables to IEC Standards are presented.

PDF (717 kb)
Cable Arrangements for Reduced Magnetic Field

Provides optimised phasing arrangements for various single core cable configurations to minimise the magnetic field.

PDF (705 kb)

Earthing Design

Automatic Multilayer Soil Modelling for Earthing and Grounding

How to determine an accurate soil resistivity model.

PDF (571 kb)
Automatic Lightning Protection Design

Provides the equations using the Rolling Sphere Method.

PDF (252 kb)
Safety Limit Calculations to IEEE and IEC Standards

Equations for calculating safe touch and step voltage limits.

PDF (497 kb)
Telecomm mobile station

Use of rods to ensure Rgrid < 5 Ohms.

PDF (1.44 Mb)
Modelling Wind Turbine Earthing in 3D

Tutorial on how to import and model custom buried earthing systems using SafeGrid Earthing Software.

PDF (1.27 Mb)
Extensive Study of Earthing Grids

Parametric study of earthing system performance.

PDF (1.22 Mb)
Transmission Line Tower Earthing Analysis using SafeGridPDF (592 kb)
Number of Meshes Vs Grid Resistance

Parametric Analysis of Simple Earthing Grids Containing Rods

PDF (352 kb)
Analysis of Grids Containing Rods

Effects of rods on potential plots and grid resistance investigated.

PDF (464 kb)
Electrical Earthing - Engineering Guide - Use of Rods to Improve Grid Safety

Use of vertical rods to reduce grid resistance, GPR and improve the safety of earthing grids by reducing step and touch potentials.

PDF (1.12 Mb)


State-of-the-art Review of Wind Turbine Technologies

This technical report provides detailed information about the steady-state and dynamic behaviour of wind turbine generators.

PDF (517 kb)


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