SafeGrid Earthing

Build custom earthing systems, using finite-elements determine a safe design

Determine earthing system performance, touch and step voltage safety compliance.

Design safe buried earthing and grounding systems for applications including substations, power plants, transmission lines, transformers, mining, commercial and industrial sites.

Custom grids of any shape, size or configuration.

Finite Element-Based. Safety Standards IEEE 80, IEC 60479, BS EN 50522.


Analysis and safety criteria evaluation for any arbitrary buried earthing electrode configurations for any application.

  • Advanced finite element earthing analysis algorithm.
  • Computation of grid resistance and ground potential rise (GPR).
  • Surface potential, touch and step voltage analysis over the area of the grid and beyond in 2D and 3D colour perspectives.
  • Safety criteria calculations for maximum permissible touch and step voltages based on either IEEE Std. 80-2000 or IEC 60479-1.
  • Uniform and two-layer soil modelling from field measurement data.
  • Fault current distribution calculations. 
  • Build grids of any shape using either the grid editor or load custom grids from AutoCAD files.
  • Arbitrarily position grounding rods.
  • Bare and insulated conductor types.
  • Sizing of earthing conductors per IEEE Std. 80-2013.
  • Metric or Imperial units.

Features and Benefits:

  • Rapid analysis and safety evaluation for various earthing grid configurations for determination of most economical design.
  • Complies with:
    • IEEE Std. 80-2013 – Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding
    • IEC 60479 – Effects of Current on Human Being and Livestock
  • Proven algorithm in use by utilities both locally and internationally.
  • Optimal soil modelling from Wenner 4-probe soil resistivity field test measurements.
  • Calculate most economical (and compliant) earthing arrangement based on:
    • Optimal soil model from field soil resistivity measurements.
    • Load arbitrary grid configurations from CAD (.dxf) files.
    • Safety criteria calculations based on IEEE and IEC methods.
    • Accurate potential analysis using graphical techniques.
  • Determine the actual fault current which flows into the grid (considering fault current distribution) for a safe and economic design.
  • Comprehensive design reporting direct to PDF.
  • Save settings to file for later retrieval.

ELEK SafeGrid Earthing and Grounding Design Software

SafeGrid Earthing_Display Results_Grid Resistance 3D surface plot SafeGrid Earthing_Display Results_Grid Resistance 2D contour plot SafeGrid Earthing_Build Grid Custom DXF CAD file import SafeGrid Earthing_Safety Criteria_Advanced_Touch and Step Voltage Limits SafeGrid Earthing_Soil Modelling_Wenner Measurements SafeGrid Earthing_Fault Current Distribution

1. What are the benefits of owning the software?
ELEK SafeGrid is used for designing safe buried earthing systems with ease and accuracy. SafeGrid can model earthing systems of any shape or configuration. SafeGrid will save you time during the design phase and money at site with its incredible accuracy.

2. How easy is it to design earthing systems?
Very easy. SafeGrid is designed to be very easy to use. If you have a basic understanding of earthing principles such as what is touch voltage, step voltage, what is grid resistance and Grid Potential Rise then you will have no trouble using SafeGrid for designing earthing systems.

3. Is the software suitable for padmount substations?
Yes, SafeGrid is used extensively for padmount substation applications. We can provide you samples upon request, if you email

4. Can field soil resistivity measurements be modelled?
Yes Wenner-based field measurements may be directly entered into the software.

5. Can the software be used for any voltage and frequency?
Suitable for any buried earthing system from single rod in an LV application to a huge EHV substation application from d.c. up to 400 Hz (including both 50 Hz and 60 Hz).

6. Is this software up-to-date with the latest Standards?
Yes with the latest international safety Standards IEC 60479 and IEEE Std. 80 and their amendments.

7. Is the software limited to grids of regular shape?
No. SafeGrid can model buried grids of any shape either using the in-built editor or importing DXF CAD files (including in 3D).

8. How is the software delivered?
Via instant download. Link to download, activation code and invoice emailed after purchase.

9. How is the software licenced?
SafeGrid is licenced to a user on up to 2 computers per licence.  SafeGrid is software-key protected and the licence is easily activated online and easily deactivated and moved.

10. Are there ongoing maintenance fees?
After the first year there is a fee which is 20 % of the current purchase price to continue to receive the latest Updates and Support.

11. Can I upgrade my software at a later date?
Yes, you can upgrade from the Base to Full package at any time, by simply contacting us and paying the difference.

12. Do you provide technical support?
Yes, please phone us on 1300 093 795 or email You can speak on the phone with our local technical support staff. We use an advanced email ticketing system ensuring all email enquiries are responded to in under 3 hours.

We strive for you to be an expert at using SafeGrid!

13. Do you provide training?
Yes, we offer a two-day technical training course for SafeGrid. You will benefit by learning about all the features and capabilites of SafeGrid with plenty of real-world examples and receive official certification. Our professional engineers regularly deliver our software training courses to users onsite locally and internationally for a low flat fee.

14. What are the system requirements?
SafeGrid is the latest Windows PC software suitable for desktop, laptop or tablet. Windows 7 or later operating systems including Windows 10.

“We use SafeGrid Earthing Software for detailed earthing investigations. I find that it’s very easy to use, intuitive and supports all the functions required from soil modelling to simulation.”

Rauf Ibrahimli

Lead Electrical Engineer


“SafeGrid is used by QUT in the teaching of a final year Electrical Engineering course focussed on the design of earth grids. We chose SafeGrid due to its ease of use as well as it being an industry recognised package. The use of this provides students with a skill they can use directly when they enter employment.”

Queensland University of Technology

“We use SafeGrid earthing software for the design of earth grid on complex renewable energy projects, including anaerobic digestion plants, wind farms and solar farms. The large number of nodes in these extensive earth grids makes them a particular challenge, but SafeGrid manages them with ease, and ELEK have provided excellent technical support where necessary to help us with our designs.”

Richard Horan

Horan Power Engineering

“Our company is involved with HV Customers where there are either new HV substation installations or existing substations being modified and the earthing systems then are required to meet the relevant standards, especially AS2067. We have used SAFEGRID software for many years as it has become a valuable tool for determining compliance of Customers earthing systems to the Standards but also identifying that no overdesigning and installation of an earthing system is carried out for no reduction in step and touch values. The software is not difficult to understand. ELEK run comprehensive courses on how to maximize the understanding of this software. ELEK, with their knowledge, also provide backup support for issues that arise which are outside our expertise. I would recommended this software as we have found it ideal for the market in which we operate.”

Bill Attard

B&B Power

“I am very happy with the software and customer service from ELEK.”

Andrew Bode

Direct Engineering

“We have been using SafeGrid since 2011 for earthing designs in the utility, mining, industrial and commercial power systems. In this time we have completed hundreds of earth grid designs across these industries. The results that are actually measured on site continually correlate well with the earthing designs that have been constructed. The specific benefits with this program relative to its competitors are its ease of use for inputting data, analysing the results and outputting a concise report that is easily used.”

Queensland Power System Design

“We’ve been using SafeGrid for earthing designs of mainly pad-mount substations and concrete poles since 2011. We also own other ELEK software packages which we are happy with and help our business. SafeGrid is easy to use and gives accurate results. Electrotechnik provides a good training course which we’ve completed and good technical support to users.”

Gary Ragan

Network Electrical Engineering

“I am a long term user of this software, and a satisfied one. I have used SafeGrid on several of my HV substation projects at 60kV, 110kV and 220kV in Portugal and also in former Portugese colonies in Africa, Angola and Mozambique. Also, and no less importantly, I have consistently received adequate remote support from Electrotechnik.”

F. Costa

Technical Consultant

Expert Technical Training for SafeGrid Earthing Software

We offer extensive training, covering both the use of SafeGrid software and earthing principles, to help you get the most out of your product.

A choice of delivery option (group, private or online) is available to suit your particular needs.

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