Protection Coordination

Cloud-based coordination studies and protective device selection

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Simplify Protective Device Coordination

Powerful Features Makes Fast Work of Protection Studies

This easy-to-use software enables users to complete complex analysis of protective devices with speed and accuracy.

Manufacturers Database

Thousands of devices - generic and the latest from manufacturers:
ABB, Hager, NHP, Schneider Electric, Terasaki and more.
MCB, MCCB and ACB circuit breakers plus Fuses.

Time-current Curves

Accurate curves are displayed in colour-coded plots which are interactive, helping users assess and ensure discrimination of cascading devices.

Interactive Single-line Diagram

Add multiple cascading protective devices starting from upstream to downstream.

Adjustable Device Settings

Define adjustable breaker optimum operating settings at the initial design stage, preventing nuisance tripping on new projects.

Cable Pro Web Protection Coordination Software module
Cable Pro Web Software - Time-current curve of circuit breakers

Tools for Protective Device Coordination

Visual tools included which are extremely helpful for coordination studies to ensure proper discrimination of your devices.

Coordination Criteria

Time-based and/or current-based criteria creates "virtual" curves so a user can determine whether devices are actually discriminated within the required margin(s).

Sequence of Operation

Enter a fault current and find tripping times and time margins for devices in your study. The times are displayed on the time-current curves.

Protective Device Selection

There is a huge database of protective devices which is searchable by manufacturer. Generic devices are available in case you can’t find an obselete or existing device for older installations.

Thousands of Devices for Every Application

A full range of protective devices from 0.2A up to 6300A for all the major manufacturers.

Generic Devices

The generic devices comply with the International Standards IEC 60898-1 and IEC 60947-2.

Protective Device Selector Software

Advanced Reporting

Beautiful, comprehensive, customisable and easy to understand reports.

Time-current Curve with Single-line Diagram

Easily communicate proper coordination of your electrical protection systems (compliance) with customers and stakeholders.

Manufacturer Device Data and Settings

Full manufacturer data of protective devices including part numbers for purchasing. Reports also include device trip settings for commissioning.

Protection Coordination - A Module of Cable Pro Web

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Cable Pro Web

Cloud-based software for electrical engineering calculations.

  • Cable Sizing Calculations to AS, NZ, BS and IEC Standards.
  • Maximum Demand and Diversity Factor Calculations.
  • Protection Coordination and Protective Device Selection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 Standard selections available in the software.

  1. Australian Standard AS 3008.1.1 + Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000.
  2. New Zealand Standard NZS 3008.1.2.
  3. British Standard BS 7671 – 18th Edition.

One (1) user can access a licence. We can also set up company accounts for multiple users and for sharing project files and data (Contact Us for company accounts).

Via any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) with access to the internet and a web browser. The app is optimised for running on Google Chrome.

That’s fine you will be automatically logged out of your office computer so you can use the software right away on your mobile.

Yes, your calculations and projects are stored securely in the cloud and are attached to your private account. Currently the number of calculations and projects you can store is unlimited.

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