Power Bundle

Includes SafeGrid Earthing, Cable High Voltage, Cable Pro and more

Comprising five essential tools, to help you simplify complex electrical calculations with ease and accuracy.

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Included in this package are:

  • Cable Pro Web
  • Cable High Voltage
  • SafeGrid Earthing
  • Cable Pulling
  • Line Rate


ELEK Power Bundle Includes;

  • SafeGrid Earthing – to Determine earthing system performance, touch and step voltage safety compliance.
  • Cable High Voltage – for Accurate cable rating calculations of custom cables from LV up to 500 kV.
  • Cable Pro Multi – Find cable sizes, voltage drops, fault loop impedance and maximum demand. Design electrical installations in compliance with standards.
  • Cable Pulling – Perform cable pulling tension and sidewall pressure calculations.
  • Line Rate – Perform bare overhead conductor rating calculations.

Cable High Voltage (HV) Software Demo

SafeGrid Earthing and Grounding Design Software

Cable Pro Cable Size, Voltage Drop & Maximum Demand Software

Cable Pro

Cable Pro 2018 Cable Size Calculation

Cable Pro 2018 Maximum Demand Calculation

SafeGrid Earthing

SafeGrid V3.2_Build Grid

Surface Voltages 3D Plot

SafeGrid V3.2_Fault Current Distribution

SafeGrid V3.2_Safety Criteria

SafeGrid V3.2_Soil Modelling

Cable High Voltage

In Air Installation

In Groups in Air Installation

In Groups in Air Installation

Buried in Backfill with Multiple Circuits and Multiple Cable Types

1. How easy is the software to use?
Our software is designed to be very easy to use.

2. How is the software delivered?
Via instant download. Link to download, activation code and invoice emailed immediately (24/7) after purchase.

3. How is the software licenced?
Each licence is for a single concurrent user for 2 PCs. The licence can be easily transferred yourself.

SafeGrid may be installed onto any number of PC’s at your workplace but it is the PC with the USB dongle attached which may be in use.

4. Are there any ongoing fees?
12 months of Updates and Support is included. Thereafter an Optional fee shall be payable to continue to receive Updates and Support.

5. Do you provide updates?
Yes, we are continually updating the software.

6. Do you provide technical support?
Yes, please phone us on 1300 093 795 or email support@elek.com.au. You can speak on the phone with our local technical support staff. We use an advanced email ticketing system ensuring all email enquiries are responded to in under 3 hours.

7. What are the system requirements?
ELEK Cable Pro is the latest Windows PC software suitable for desktop, laptop or tablet. Windows 7 or later operating systems including Windows 8 and 10.

“We use SafeGrid earthing software for the design of earth grid on complex renewable energy projects, including anaerobic digestion plants, wind farms and solar farms. The large number of nodes in these extensive earth grids makes them a particular challenge, but SafeGrid manages them with ease, and ELEK have provided excellent technical support where necessary to help us with our designs.”
Horan Power Engineering, UK

“I am very happy with the software and customer service from ELEK.”
Direct Engineering

“ELEK Cable Pro has grown through our office, beginning with our estimation department, with now all our project managers, estimators, and site supervisors using it on a weekly basis.
ELEK Cable Pro saves huge amounts of time identifying cable sizing, and conduit sizing required.
Reporting is easy, and the ability to customise our reports with our Company Logo is a huge benefit.
The support staff at Electrotechnik are very helpful and have always been available when needed.
I highly recommend Cable Pro for all Electrical Contracting companies.”
Cablewise Electrical & Communications Pty Ltd

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