Line Rate

Perform bare overhead line conductor rating calculations

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Accurate Iterative Calculations

Complies with IEEE Std 738 – Calculating the current-Temperature Relationship of Bare Overhead Conductors.

Steady-state Ratings

Steady-state conductor temperature. Steady-state thermal rating.

Transient Ratings

Transient conductor temperature. Transient thermal rating including short-circuit conditions.

Examine Varying Conditions

Change ambient temperature, wind velocity, wind direction, elevation and solar radiation intensity.

Any Conductor Type

Any bare conductor type (i.e. AAC, AAAC, ACSR, HDCU, SCGZ, SCAC, etc.). Database of conductor types included.

Conductors Database

Includes a huge database of conductor types.

Conductor Data

Includes hundreds of pre-modelled conductors. Aluminium, Copper, Steel, Aluminium clad steel materials.

Custom Conductors

Add conductor types to the existing database for custom rating calculations.

Advanced Reporting

Beautiful, complete and easy to understand reports.

Detailed PDF Reports

The reports include the input data, detailed results and show compliance.

References to Standards

All references to the Standard and calculation checks are included.

Compare Multiple Results

Include multiple steady-state and transient results on the same plots for easy comparisons.

Reports to Excel

Directly export data and plots into Excel file format.

Affordable Pricing

Line Rate

1 Year of Updates & Support Included

Perform current rating calculations for bare overhead conductors.

  • Steady-state Calculation Modes
  • Transient Calculation Modes
  • Supports All Conductor Types
  • Wide Range of Environmental Conditions
  • Solar Radiation Levels

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes with the latest Standards and their amendments.

The standards change occasionally, usually every few years. When the standards do change we will update the software within 6 months, which is the expected time for everyone to comply. The software itself will notify you during its use or you will be contacted via email of a new version being available for download.

Via instant download. Link to download, activation code and invoice emailed immediately (24/7) after purchase.

Each licence may be activated on up to two computers. A simple online 24/7 activation process is used. The software licence is easily deactivated by the user and moved between PC’s.

You can easily deactivate the licence activation under the Help menu yourself and move to another PC.

After the first year there is an annual fee to continue to receive updates and support (which includes unlimited licence transfers/deactivations). We regularly update our software adding new features and improvements.

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Get Started with Line Rate

Start calculation line ratings today. Fast, accurate and easy to use.

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