Line Rate

Advanced iterative calculation methods. Standard IEEE 738

Perform bare overhead conductor rating calculations.

Calculate steady-state and transient line ratings for overhead conductors. Current-temperature relationship in bare overhead conductors of any type. Conductors database. Easy to use.


Calculation Modes:

  1. Steady-state conductor temperature.
  2. Steady-state thermal rating.
  3. Transient conductor temperature.
  4. Transient thermal rating including short-circuit conditions.


  • Any bare conductor type (i.e. AAC, AAAC, ACSR, HDCU, SCGZ, SCAC, etc.).
  • Aluminium, Copper, Steel, Aluminium clad steel materials.
  • Steel core conductors or homogeneous.
  • Large conductor database included.
  • Custom conductors. Model new or obsolete conductors to any world-wide standard
  • In addition:
    • Surface emissivity and solar absorption coefficients
    • Radial temperature gradient within conductor

Environmental Conditions:

  • Wide range of environmental conditions can be altered:
    • Ambient temperature.
    • Wind velocity.
    • Wind direction.
    • Conductor elevation.
    • Solar radiation intensity (see below under other modules)

Other Mobules Included:

Solar radiation level with latitude and time of year

  • Calculate maximum expected solar radiation intensity (W/m2) based on location.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fully complies with:
    • IEEE Std 738 – Calculating the Current-Temperature Relationship of Bare Overhead Conductors
    • Accurate iterative calculation methods.
  • Steady-state and transient calculations.
  • Compare an unlimited number of varying conditions.
  • Suitable for any type of conductor.
  • Graphical and intuitive display.
  • Save results to file and Print comprehensive reports.
  • Print reports directly to PDF.
  • Calculation checks and warning system.




Full Version

Perform current rating calculations for bare overhead conductors.



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