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Avoid damage to cables during installation

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Cable Tensions and Pressures

Multiple cables of different sizes in the same pull and allows complex 3D geometry pull paths.

Multiple cables of different sizes

Any number of cables of any size can be included in the pull.

Forward and reverse directions

Used for determining the best direction of the pull.

Any pull geometry

Enter the sections of your pull to match your installation.

Cable clearance and jam ratio

Check cable clearance inside conduits and the likelihood of jamming.

Multiple Section Types

Enter the sections of your pull to match your installation.

Straight, slopes or bends

Sections to match your installation and calculate tension and sidewall pressure at each.

Large radius bends

Determine the tension in large radius conduit bends typical of directional boring.

Rollers and push/pull machines

Add rollers or include push/pull machines at intermediate points.

Pull formations

Multiple pull formations as well as custom weight correction factor.

Affordable Pricing

Cable Pulling

1 Year of Updates & Support Included

Provides a wide range of installations conditions.

  • Cable Pulling Tension Calculations.
  • Sidewall Pressure Calculations.
  • Pulling Formations.
  • Section Types.
  • Duct/Conduit Sizing.
  • Save Results or Print Reports.

Get Started with Cable Pulling

Start performing cable tension and sidewall pressure calculations today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cable Pulling uses the most advanced equations for calculating tension and sidewall pressure. We consider the latest Standard IEEE 1185.

Yes, you can easily consider the pulling tensions for both forward and reverse pull directions and very often pulling from one direction as opposed to another can save significant effort.

Via instant download. Link to download, activation code and invoice emailed immediately (24/7) after purchase.

Each licence may be activated on up to two computers. A simple online 24/7 activation process is used. The software licence is easily deactivated by the user and moved between PC’s.

You can easily deactivate the licence activation under the Help menu yourself and move to another PC.

After the first year there is an annual fee to continue to receive Updates and Support (which includes the unlimited licence transfers/deactivations). Note you must pay this fee to receive our support which includes continuing to be able to transfer the licence to another computer. We regularly update our software by adding new features and improvements which you will receive should you choose to pay the fee.

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Get Started with Cable Pulling

Start performing cable tension and sidewall pressure calculations today.

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