Cable Pulling

Advanced tension and sidewall pressure calculations. Standard IEEE 1185

Perform cable pulling tension and sidewall pressure calculations.

Ensure safety while avoiding damage to cables during installation. Suitable for any type of cables, pulling profile or installation method (conduit, tray).

Easy to use. Complies with Standards and uses advanced methods.


Perform cable pulling tension and sidewall pressure calculations.
  • Calculates cumulative pulling tension through each pulling section.
  • Forward or reverse pull directions.
  • Calculates sidewall pressure for each pulling section.
  • Calculates jam ratios, clearances and conduit percentage fills.

Pulling Formations:

  • Also includes cable tray and cable ladder installations.

Section Types:

  • Wide range of section types can be combined to form pulling path:
  • Straight or Horizontal Section
  • Horizontal Bend
  • Slope Up or Down
  • Vertical Dip
  • Convex Downward or Upward Bend
  • Concave Downward or Upward Bend

Other Modules Include:

Duct/Conduit Sizing.

  • Duct and conduit selection based on dimensions from Standards.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fully complies with:
    • IEEE Std 1185-2010 – Recommended Practice for Cable Installation in Generating Stations and Industrial Facilities.
    • IEEE Std 525-2016 – Guide to the Design and Installation of Cable Systems in Substations.
    • Latest advanced calculation methods.
  • Unlimited pulling sections.
  • Suitable for any type of cable, any pulling profile and any installation method.
  • Conduits, cable tray or cable ladder installations.
  • 3D graphical display of pulling profiles.
  • Metric or Imperial units.
  • Save results to file and Print comprehensive reports.
  • Print reports directly to PDF.
  • Calculation checks and warning system.



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Perform cable tension and sidewall pressure calculations to ensure…

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