Cable Pro (Web) – Revision History

This page details the revision history of Cable Pro Web Edition. Each release is detailed with the changes made, whether they be additional features or fixes to known problems. 

This major version update follows the initial release in Nov 2018 and includes 21 significant changes.  Extensive testing has been undertaken with no cable calculation errors found.  Users feedback is continually being evaluated by our team.  Major new features to be added in the upcoming version releases.

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0001ImprovementProtection – user warning when Rating or Thermal Setting of protective device is less than load current.
0002ImprovementCable size results – Display actual voltage drop in Volts.
0003ImprovementLogin page changed.
0004CorrectiveApp colour scheme.
0005ImprovementEmail validation and Password change emails updated.
0006CorrectiveProjects and Calculations last updated time corrected.
0007CorrectiveCable size default values.
0008CorrectiveUser visual settings set.
0009CorrectiveReport – trial period sample PDF report provided.
0010ImprovementVersion history webpage created.
0011CorrectiveMain website to display licence “per year / per user”.
0013CorrectiveProjects – adding new project name matching previously deleted project caused an error.
0014CorrectiveReport – product version was corrected and made dynamic.
0024ImprovementSign up page – allow username to be both a custom value or email address.
0033ImprovementMain web – header text updated and included footnote links to article:
0034CorrectiveReport – Supply table Voltage (V) row value fixed to use “(ph-ph)” and “(ph-n)” based on Phases input.
0037ImprovementUser accounts – unused user menu options disabled.
0040ImprovementTrial period extended to 14 days.
0041CorrectiveProtection – Custom device – label change.
0042 & 0043CorrectiveCable size – manually selected conductor size not displayed correctly after loading a calculation.
0047CorrectiveVerification email – some customers receiving links to and not the login page.

Official product version released to web.