Cable Pro (Web) – Revision History

This page details the revision history of Cable Pro Web Edition. Each release is detailed with a list of the new features and fixes. 

Latest Version – and (August 2020)

New cable size report for AS and BS calculations.

MRPR No. Purpose Description User Credits
0235 Improvement Brand new cable size report.
0241 Corrective Cable Calc (AU and BS) - The maximum limit of thermal setting of Custom protective device is now set as its rating.
0242 Corrective Cable Calc (BS) - Fix the calculation error when the value of Watts is small.
0243 Corrective Cable Calc (AU and BS) - Fix the error that the Custom load group does not work in Maximum Demand calculation. HIMEC
0244 Improvement Cable Calc (BS) - Improve the visualization of BS installation icons.
0246 Improvement Remove certain Free Trial Restrictions.
0248 Improvement Cable Calc (AU and BS) - Show derating wizard results even if the inputs are left as default.
0253 Corrective Cable Calc (BS) - Fix the error that correction factor details are not printed when printing multiple reports.
0254 Improvement Brand New Report Settings pop up which allows showing or hidding Project name and Calculation name in the report.
0261 Corrective Hide custom fields in the Report according to the Settings.
0262 Corrective Cable Size Reports - If maximum allowed impedance is not able to be calculated because protective device is not selected the fault loop impedance cannot be checked if it is pass or fail.
0263 Corrective Cable Calc (BS) - In the new calculation, there should not be an error when changing correction factor manually before using Correction Wizard.
0264 Corrective Cable Calc (BS) - Correction Wizard the calculated overall correction factor was not correct.

Version 2 Revision History

New Voltage Rise Reports.

MRPR No. Purpose Description User Credits
Improvement New voltage Rise Report (Professional Edition)
0231 Cable Calc report (AU) – The insulation in the AU report prints insulation of BS version. PAC Automation
0232 Cable Calc report (AU) – In AU report, the row of “Armour” should be removed. Best Forsyth
0233 Cable Calc report (AU) – Wind speed (for aerial conductors) control value being incorrectly displayed for other insulation types.
0234 Maximum Demand – Blue phase result not showing for Living Units load type. Arkeda

Featured Improvements: MRPR #0219 & #0227

  • New Auto Maximum Demand module.
  • New Auto Maximum Demand report.

Featured Improvements: MRPR #0181, #0186 & #0185

  • Installation icons depicting graphically each of the conditions in the BS7671 Standard and making selection of the most suitable installation easy.

  • Cable Scheduling reports (direct to Excel) are available for Full and Professional Plan users.  Select the Print Reports button from within a Project.

  • Conduit size now displayed for Base Plan users.
MRPR No. Purpose Description User Credits
0081 Corrective Cable Calculator – default (min.) value for new calculation. Power factor should be 0.9.
0135 Corrective New project window change button text from Close to Cancel.
0142 Corrective Max Demand – Add load Phases and Units dropdowns cannot see the selections.
0144 Corrective Max Demand – Editing the calculation and changing the Electrical Installation type is not updating in the calculation.
0153 Corrective Derating Wizard (AU and NZ) – Air ambient temperature update label to “Normal use maximum temperature”. Update the summary output for Table 27(1).
0154 Corrective Details results (AU and NZ) – Voltage drop AS/NZS 3008 Resistance Table and Column references not correct under Details.
0155 Corrective Details results (AU and NZ) – Voltage drop AS/NZS 3008 Resistance Table and Column references not correct in Report.
0181 Improvement Cable Calc (BS) – Installation icons added.
0182 Corrective Cable Calc (AU and BS) – Protection Trip Multiplier for MCB devices was not being saved.
0183 Corrective Fixes for displaying on Safari browser.
0184 Corrective Ensure cable sizing Standard setting is being saved before allowing new users to create their first project.
0185 Improvement Cable Calc – show conduit size for Base Package.
0186 Improvement Direct to Excel Cable Schedule reports for Full Package.
0187 Corrective Settings – Custom Report Fields – selected item in the table requires highlighting.

Featured Improvements: MRPR #0176, #0177 & #0178

Professional Package available

Benefits include unlimited projects storage.

Teams projects

Collaborate on projects by sharing access with other users.

Cable scheduling

Produce direct to Excel cable schedules.
Inside the Project press the Print Reports button.

MRPR No. Purpose Description User Credits
0166 Corrective Upload logo “Company” text fix spelling.
0176 Improvement Team sharing of projects (Teams tab).
0177 Improvement Cable schedule report direct to Excel file.
0178 Improvement Professional package release.
0179 Improvement Remove dialog warning when Copy calculation option is selected.
0180 Improvement Show total price for annual plans.

Featured Improvements: MRPR #0159 & #0160

The Derating Wizard is now smarter

We removed the need to specify the installation conditions as In Air or Buried or specify the cable cores.

Save inputs of the Derating Wizard with the calculations

Saves your wizard inputs along with the cable calculation. No need to re-enter the selections, saving you time.

Thanks to the following users for their contribution:

Cable Pro Web – New Smarter Derating Wizard
MRPR No. Purpose Description User Credits
0142 Corrective Max Demand – Add load Phases and Units dropdowns cannot see the selections.
0144 Corrective Max Demand – Editing the calculation and changing the Electrical Installation type is not updating in the calculation. See images attached.
0152 Corrective Derating Wizard – Error with values given for Tables 23 and 24. See tab. UGL Limited
0157 Improvement Show popup of new release features only to users with the applicable standard.
0158 Corrective Correction Factor Wizard for BS – Wrong screen shown for In Air installation.
0159 Improvement Derating Wizard – Removed the need to specify installation conditions as In Air or Buried or specify cable cores.
0160 Improvement Derating Wizard – Saves the wizard inputs along with the cable calculation. No need to re-enter the selections, saving you time.

New correction factors wizard to the British Standard

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0151ImprovementCable Calc – New Correction Factors Wizard to Standard BS7671.

Corrections to saving of protection inputs

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0116CorrectiveCable Calc – Protection thermal setting is not being saved.Bega
0138CorrectiveCable Calc – Protection inputs are not being saved. Thermal setting after it’s changed from default is not being saved.Bega
0139ImprovementCable Calc – Voltage drop result displays (% and V) show to 2 decimal places.Onsite Electrical
0143CorrectiveEdit Calculation – Window title should be “Edit Calculation”.
0146CorrectiveCable Calc – Protection Custom device rating, thermal setting and description values not being saved.
0147CorrectiveCable Calc – Earth cable size units squared display alignment fixed.

New online technical Help manual

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0029ImprovementNew online technical Help manual

Voltage rise calculations, new voltage input and print all reports.

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0105CorrectiveCable Calc reports – Both the input Derating Factor value and the Wizard overall value or the Results value can both be different.
0116CorrectiveCable size calculator (AS and BS) – Protection thermal setting was not being saved.
0117CorrectiveDerating Wizard – Ambient air and soil temperature disable custom value control when Use default boolean is selected.
0119ImprovementAbility to print all reports in a single click.
0125ImprovementSettings -> Default voltages. Update default DC voltage to 1500 V and update Max and Min input value ranges.
0130CorrectiveCable Calculations – Add Voltage (V) control to Supply.
0131ImprovementTrial/Plan expired – Allow log in, show popup indicating plan must be purchased and take directly to payment page.
0132ImprovementPopup for New Version – list of new features shown to a user upon login.
0133ImprovementSettings – Set min. and max. values for default voltages.
0134ImprovementCable Calcs – Voltage rise selection.

Version 1 Revision History

Copy Calculations.

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0096ImprovementAbility to Copy Cable Size and Max Demand Calculations.Engenuity Solutions
0121CorrectiveNot allowing the same calculations name between different projects.Electair
0129CorrectiveSubscription plan details displayed in user profile menu.

Monthly and Annual Payments.

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0126CorrectiveMax Demand – company logo not being shown in PDF report.BME Energy
0127ImprovementPlans – Base and Full with automated monthly or annual payments available.
0128CorrectiveEmail reports not working.

Major framework upgrade.

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0114ImprovementUpgrade to framework packages for improved performance and added features

Cable Pro Web is more than 10x Faster.

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0110Improvement‘Calculation report default file name format changed to “Cable_Pro_Report_[Project Name]_[Calculation Name].pdf”
0111ImprovementLoading speed improvements for Projects and All Calculations.

Times and dates in the PDF detailed reports are corrected.

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0091CorrectiveAdding load with low power (W) rating results in calculation error.Laser Electrical
0099ImprovementCable Calc AU – Change Derating Wizard button text to make it more visible and intuitive.
0100ImprovementVarious Delete buttons displayed with Red colour background. Delete Project, Calculation and Max Demand Loads Reset and Load Delete.
0107CorrectiveProjects and Report file header timestamp to match the user time zone.M-Tech
0108CorrectiveCable Calc – Error with Ph-e fault level (too high) for earth conductor short-circuit performance.
0109CorrectiveCable Calc AU and BS – various UI fixes including to Protection area.
0110Improvement‘Calculation report default file name format changed to “Cable Size Report_[Project Name]_[Calculation Name].pdf”

New Standard BS 7671:2018 compliance for cable sizing

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0094CorrectiveCable Calculator – Power factor control is hidden for narrow screen width.Engenuity Solutions
0095ImprovementIncrease Project and Calculation icons clickable area to larger than the icon itself.Engenuity Solutions
0098CorrectiveSettings – Company logo file format check needs to be made. Importing incorrect file type causes report generation function to fail.
0101ImprovementCable Calculator to the latest BS 7671 Standard.
0102PreventativeLimit number of projects in Trial mode.
0103ImprovementAdd icons for cable size and max demand new calculations dialog.
0104ImprovementArchive projects feature.

New calculation icon images.

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0086CorrectiveNew icons for Project, Cable Size and Maximum Demand Calculations.
0087CorrectiveCable Calculation – Error “no entity Calculation with id = 982!”Insync Electrical
0088CorrectiveMax Demand – Description of Industrial -> Socket-outlets exceeding 10 A. is incorrect.Cable Wise
0089CorrectiveCable size – Fault level calculations updated for multiple parallel active and neutral conductors.
0090CorrectiveYear of compliance added to Cable Pro page title and homepage link added to ELEK logo.

Remember login improved including auto-redirect to Projects page whenever logged in. Buy Now button displayed for trial users.

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0067ImprovementDatabase Export function improvement.
0077ImprovementCable Calc – change Supply->Length(m) control label text to “Length of run (m)”.
0078ImprovementReplace the Electrotechnik logo with a colour copy image of the same size.
0080ImprovementUser Profile framework dialog – option rogue text letter “r” is displayed.
0082ImprovementPurchase Paid account as a Trial user via a Buy Now button.
0083ImprovementExtend trial registration page to include Company and Phone No.
0084ImprovementRemember login is 14 days.
0085ImprovementOnce user is logged in, auto-redirect to Projects page.

Significant UI and usability improvements. Add new calculation buttons from inside projects. Fault loop impedance calculations and displayed results updated. Bug fixes made and stability improvements.

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0058ImprovementCable sizing – Incorrect current rating table value for Table 14, Column 3, cable size = 6 mm2.Xylem Inc.
0063ImprovementMax Demand – mobile view. Fix the “Points per phase R, W, B” should be only “Points R, W, B” and left justified.
0064ImprovementEmail report show verification of Sent dialog.
0065ImprovementMax Demand – hide horizontal slide bar below load details table.
0066ImprovementNew Calculation – Calculation Type (Cable size or Max Demand) Radio button not shown. To reproduce, I had previously Edited and renamed the Project and then opened it to create a New Calculation.
0068ImprovementCable Calculation – Fault loop impedance calculation fix to problem resulting in oversized earth cables.
0069ImprovementNew Calculation button for Cable Calc and Max Demand.
0070ImprovementMax Demand – Add Load dialog opens automatically when new Max Demand calculation is created.
0071CorrectiveCable Calculation – Custom No. of circuits control not displayed when Opening calculation file.
0072CorrectiveCable Calculation – Display of contols such as Power factor are not responsive for different displays.
0073CorrectiveSettings – Company logo preview not displaying correctly.
0074CorrectiveNew Project dialog limit number of characters – 120 char for Project Name and 250 char for Project Description.
0075ImprovementMake Project listing page mobile responsive.
0076CorrectiveLogin problem – usernames containing capital letters are failing to log in.Golden Bay Cement

Maximum Demand calculator released.

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
ImprovementMaximum Demand Calculator
0061CorrectiveCable calculator – selecting a manual Active size of either 1.5 mm2 or 2.5 mm2 gives the wrong result. 1.5 mm2 selects the values for 1 mm2 while 2.5 mm2 selects no cable size.Coffs Harbour City Council
0062CorrectiveCable calculation – selecting Single phase after Three phase results in Neutral conductor setting changing to Manual and being locked.

New features include email reports and fault loop impedance added to Details.

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0019ImprovementUser login tokens added to database.
0022ImprovementSecure web page https auto-redirect.
0050ImprovementEmail report feature.Autm8 Solutions
0053ImprovementDetails results – fault loop impedance results added.
0057ImprovementReport – change to a PDF download from new window/pop-up.

New Derating Wizard.

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0020ImprovementDerating Wizard – calculate derating factors according to the Standards.
0021ImprovementXML file versions tracking.
0047ImprovementConduit sizing – calculation revised to consider inner diameter of conduit for internal area calculation by including wall thicknesses of standard conduit sizes. And 125 mm conduit size added.
0048CorrectionFault loop impedance – calculation corrected to consider the source impedance Zext and combine this with Zint to properly Zs total.
0054ImprovementDetails results tree font size increase.
0055ImprovementMain page links to Privacy Policy and Terms of Use links in footer updated.
0056ImprovementNew Report button moved for mobile devices to avoid blocking calculations breadcrumbs.

This major version update includes 21 significant changes.

MRPR No.PurposeDescriptionUser Credits
0001ImprovementProtection – user warning when Rating or Thermal Setting of protective device is less than load current.
0002ImprovementCable size results – Display actual voltage drop in Volts.
0003ImprovementLogin page changed.
0004CorrectiveApp colour scheme.
0005ImprovementEmail validation and Password change emails updated.
0006CorrectiveProjects and Calculations last updated time corrected.
0007CorrectiveCable size default values.
0008CorrectiveUser visual settings set.
0009CorrectiveReport – trial period sample PDF report provided.
0010ImprovementVersion history webpage created.
0011CorrectiveMain website to display licence “per year / per user”.
0013CorrectiveProjects – adding new project name matching previously deleted project caused an error.
0014CorrectiveReport – product version was corrected and made dynamic.
0024ImprovementSign up page – allow username to be both a custom value or email address.
0033ImprovementMain web – header text updated and included footnote links to article:
0034CorrectiveReport – Supply table Voltage (V) row value fixed to use “(ph-ph)” and “(ph-n)” based on Phases input.
0037ImprovementUser accounts – unused user menu options disabled.
0040ImprovementTrial period extended to 14 days.
0041CorrectiveProtection – Custom device – label change.
0042 & 0043CorrectiveCable size – manually selected conductor size not displayed correctly after loading a calculation.
0047CorrectiveVerification email – some customers receiving links to and not the login page.

Official product version released to web.