Cable High Voltage

Enter installation and cable data, obtain an accurate current rating

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All the Installation Methods

Cable current rating calculations in custom arrangements for your site specific conditions.

Complies with Standard IEC Standards 60287 and 60853.

In Air and Groups in Air

Unenclosed - exposed to sun or shaded. Enclosed in ducts. Groups of multi-core or single core cables. Adjust ambient air temperature.

Bonding Arrangements

Considers cable screen/sheath/armour circulating and eddy current losses. Solid, single-point or cross-bonded earthing arrangements.

Direct Buried or In Ducts

Equally or unequally loaded multiple buried circuits in any custom arrangement of any cable type. Soil dry-out around cables.

Buried in Thermal Backfill

Multiple custom cable arrangements buried direct or in ducts in thermal backfill. Soil temperature plots.

Modules in the Full version

Powerful add-on modules which dramatically extend the capability.

Emergency and Cyclic Ratings

Transient rating calculations to Standard IEC 60853 and Neher-McGrath methods.

Short-circuit Ratings

Adiabatic and non-adiabatic short-circuit ratings for metallic components of custom cables.

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic field intensity in micro Tesla at any height above the ground for any arrangement of buried or in air cables.

Cable Crossings

Calculate derating to IEC 60287-3-3 for multiple cable circuits or heat pipes crossing at any angles.

Unfilled Troughs

Derating factors for cables installed in unfilled cable troughs where the trough is buried and covered on all sides up to ground level.

Randomly filled cable trays

Ratings for cables installed in bundles in cable trays with options for fire-rated insulation, cable tray covers, custom diversity and solar radiation.

Graphical Cable Modelling

Very easily build custom cable models based on their construction.

Custom Cables

Using the datasheet or manufacturers catalog easily build cable models for custom rating calculations.

Database of Cables

Includes hundreds of pre-modelled cables from LV to 500 kV (5 kV DC).

Multiple Cable Types

Single core or multi-core, DC, single phase or 3 phases. Copper or aluminium. Screened, sheathed or armoured cables.

Variable Frequency

Use for 50 Hz or 60 Hz systems and high frequency applications such as motor drives.

Advanced Reporting

Beautiful, comprehensive and easy to understand reports.

Detailed PDF Reports

The reports include the input data, detailed results and show compliance.

References to Standards

Table and Column numbers from the Standards are added for reference.

Your Company Logo

Add your own company logo and custom fields to the reports.

Cable Scheduling to Excel

Create schedules from all your cable calculations directly into Excel.

Pricing Options to Suit Everyone

Cable High Voltage is available in a choice of price points, depending on your needs. We also offer our Power Bundle that includes a license for all our products, with a bulk savings.

Perpetual Licence
Leased Licence

Cable High Voltage (Base)

1 Year of Updates & Support Included

Provides a wide range of installations conditions. Cables from LV up to 500 kV.

  • Custom cable modelling.
  • Unenclosed in air - exposed or sun or shaded.
  • Enclosed in ducts/conduits.
  • Groups of cables.
  • Direct buried - optionally consider dry-out of soil.
  • Backfilled trenches (areas with different soil thermal resistivity).
  • Buried in ducts/conduits.

Cable High Voltage (Full)

1 Year of Updates & Support Included

Includes all add-on modules.

  • All features from the Base package


  • Cyclic and emergency ratings.
  • Short-circuit rating.
  • Magnetic fields module.
  • Filled cable trays.
  • Unfilled troughs.
  • Cable crossings.
  • Direct to Excel™ reports.


Power Bundle

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Bundle and save

Get Cable High Voltage along with licences for all our other products.

  • Cable High Voltage (Full)


*Note to International Buyers: There will be No Taxes for the purchase of any Cable High Voltage Products.

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We ran an in-depth comparison between Cable High Voltage and major competitor CYMCAP. You can review several different cases, with supporting PDF reports on each product in each case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, from low voltage (LV) up to 500 kV a.c. or up to 5 kV for d.c.

Yes, easily from manufacturer datasheets. A database of 300 pre-modelled cables is also included.

Yes with the latest IEC standards and their amendments as well as other relevant technical publications.

The standards change occasionally, usually every few years. When the standards do change we will update the software within 6 months, which is the expected time for everyone to comply. The software itself will notify you during its use or you will be contacted via email of a new version being available for download.

Via instant download. Link to download, activation code and invoice emailed immediately (24/7) after purchase.

Each licence of Cable HV is intended for a single user. A simple online 24/7 activation process is used. The software licence is easily deactivated by the user and moved between PC’s.

Updates and Support payment is due after the first year which is 20 % of the current licence price.

Unlimited licence transfers/deactivations is dependent on having up-to-date Updates and Support.

. We regularly update our software, not just for new Standards, but to add new features and improvements.

Yes, you can upgrade from the Base to Full package at any time, by simply contacting us and paying the difference.

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Get Started with Cable High Voltage

With a choice of packages, or a free trial, and instant downloads, you could be minutes away from fast, accurate calculations.

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