We provide a range of powerful and easy-to-use electrical engineering design software packages.

Cable-sizing and maximum demand software. Easily design low voltage electrical systems. Cloud-based use on any device. 

Coordination studies and protective device selection software. Time-current curves from database of manufacturer devices.

Finite element-based multilayer earthing and grounding systems design software. Custom earthing and lightning systems. 

Accurate cable rating calculations from LV up to 500 kV. In Air, In Groups, Direct Buried, Buried in Backfill, etc.

Cable Pulling

Perform cable tension and sidewall pressure calculations to ensure that personnel remain safe and cables are not damaged during cable pulling/hauling operations.

Perform current rating calculations for bare overhead electrical conductors.

Comprising five essential tools, to help you simplify complex electrical calculations with ease and accuracy.

About Us

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Electrotechnik is an electrical software company founded in 2009.

We provide software solutions to the electrical design industry. Our vision is to provide the world’s best and most innovative electrical software for engineers and electrical contractors.

Our software is developed and supported by an experienced team from our head office.