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SafeGrid Earthing Software - Training Course

Course Description

Become an expert at earthing design calculations by enrolling in this course which will teach you how to design safe electrical earthing systems in accordance with Standards.

You will learn the earthing design process using SafeGrid along with the fundamental information required for completing a safe design and about best practices. We will teach you about soil resistivity modelling, earth fault current and current split calculations, grid conductor sizing, how to design the layout of your grid, specifying the locations to calculate potentials, calculate touch and step voltage limits, determine grid resistance and GPR as well as analysing surface, touch and step voltage plots for achieving a safe design. We will show you how to create reports and overlay voltage plots onto your construction drawings.

The course structure is easy to understand and consists of video lessons with notes, exercises and quizzes. There are 8 lessons and 11 hands-on exercises to complete as well as files to download. There is a quiz at the end of each lesson to reinforce learned principles. You will receive a certificate of competency at the completion of the course.

Even if you’re already an experienced earthing design practioner, we guarantee you will gain a lot of valuable skills and knowledge from taking this online course