About Us

We create beautiful electrical software which is easy to use and accurate

In 2009 I founded the company as an experienced electrical design engineer to prove that software didn’t need to be overly complicated, cumbersome or difficult to use – that electrical software can be simple and easy to use while being exceedingly useful.

Today, Electrotechnik builds a range of software packages based on the latest Standards, powerful algorithms and cloud technology. We believe our software needs to be feature-rich and our user interfaces should be both beautiful and simple, the simpler the better.

Launched in 2018, our cloud-based cable rating software unveiled Electrotechnik’s cutting-edge framework which makes powerful electrical software accessible and affordable for more users.

And this is just the beginning. At Electrotechnik we are investing in R&D along with the latest technology. I lead a talented team of electrical engineers and software professionals and we continue to create the world’s best electrical engineering software for you, our customer.

Jayson Patrick

Founder & Technical Director


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Our Vision

At Electrotechnik we provide software solutions to the electrical design industry. Our vision is to provide a the world’s best and most innovative electrical software for engineers and electrical contractors.

Our software is time saving and accurate, easy to use and learn, it is simple and well-designed which makes solving complex problems accessible to all.

Our software is developed and our customers supported with experience and excellence. We listen to our users and continuously improve the software based on their feedback.

We're Here For You

The Electrotechnik team is growing quickly to support new customers and new products.
We invest in engineering, development, customer support, and brilliant design. We also invest in our employees.

All our software is developed and supported by our experienced team of electrical and software engineers from our Sydney Office.

Contact us to find out more about our products and how you can join us on our journey.

What is this picture about?

“Since our very first website this photo of my eldest daughter at a wind farm with her Dad has been featured.”

Electrotechnik, named by my grandmother, is a German word, meaning “Electrical Engineering”.

– Jayson Patrick, Founder/Director