Teaching using Electrical Software

Educational institutions are using industry software to prepare students

Traditional methods such as hand calculations have been taught in electrical trades and engineering courses for many years. These hand calculations still have their place in that they can teach the students important skills and the basics. However, in industry electrical hand calculations are cumbersome; they are time-consuming and inaccurate.

These days industry is using software to perform electrical calculations. Educational institutions have recognised this and have been using software to teach and prepare their students for the workforce.

Teaching students using electrical software has the following advantages:

  1. Students are more employable – By teaching electrical software students are exposed to industry practice, which makes them more employable and better prepared for the workplace.
  2. Accurate calculations – Electrical software provides much more accurate results than traditional hand calculations.
  3. Compliance – Helps and ensures teachers and students stay up-to-date with the latest Standards.
  4. Explore more design options – Using software the students can explore different options quickly and easily to come up with an optimal electrical design.
  5. Sanity checking – Verifying hand calculations, lookup tables from the standards and common rules of thumb.
  6. Accurate calculations – Electrical software can provide much more accurate results than traditional hand calculations.
  7. Recognised by customers and industry, this creates trust in the calculations you provide
  8. Reporting – Presenting a report directly from software creates a more professional and is more trusted by clients and other contractors

Case Studies


Tafe Queensland have been using and teaching their students with ELEK Cable Pro software since 2011.


Charles Darwin University have recently installed ELEK Cable Pro in their labs and will begin teaching their students this semester


Queensland University is using ELEK SafeGrid software to teach electrical engineering students how to perform earthing designs.


We have seen and helped many students taught how to use electrical software during their training.  These students have continued to use software in their careers and in their own businesses.

Electrical software helps those in industry to maintain a competitive advantage, to save time while remaining compliant.

ELEK software are continually building alliances with TAFEs, Trade Colleges and Universities to support teachers and students.

If you would like to learn how you can bring ELEK software to your classroom and to your students, contact us on 1300 093 795 or email support@elek.com.au

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