Comparison of CYMCAP with Cable HV Software Results

Current rating calculation results for 110 kV buried cables

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1. Overview of the comparison

We have benchmarked our Cable HV Software current rating results for 110 kV cables against the well-known software CYMCAP.  We have shown the results are virtually identical (under 1.5 % difference).

The full CYMCAP reports linked in the table were produced by an authorized user.  The Cable HV reports for equivalent conditions are also attached.

2. Results

TEST CASE ID Description CYMCAP Software Cable HV Software Difference
01 Three cables in separate ducts in backfill, flat not touching 766.2 A
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770.5 A
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04 Three cables combined in a duct in backfill 685.6 A
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695.4 A
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06 Three cables in separate ducts in backfill, trefoil touching 746.9 A
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743.1 A
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13 Three cables buried direct in backfill, flat touching 748.7 A
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757.7 A
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Cable HV complies with Standards: IEC 60287 for steady-state and IEC 60853 for transient ratings. We use the latest editions of these Standards.  The results above were performed in 2014 for CYMCAP (rev. 5.3b) and 2020 for Cable HV (V3.7.2) and so this may be the source of some minor differences because the relevant Standards have been updated since 2014 including IEC 60287-1-1.

3. Extensively tested

We have done extensive testing of the current rating results of our Cable HV Software over the past 10 years against numerous sources.  Below is a recent testimonial in which the customer compares CYMCAP with Cable HV directly:

"Cable HV software is very user friendly and provides an easy to use platform for all level users. It is great to have the flexibility to change the installation parameters whilst seeing the current rating change on the screen. CYMCAP is long established software which is expensive and more complicated to use vs Cable HV which is very competitively priced and simple to use."
D. Bambury
Cable HV Software

Custom cable ratings for a wide range of installation conditions.

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Cable HV Software

Custom cable ratings for a wide range of installation conditions.

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